A sick day today means that I have some time to undertake some of those resolutions I’ve been putting off.

I actually got started a couple months ago with the acquisition of a dining room table.  If you’ve ever visited what I’ve affectionately been calling “The Parlor” at 15 Winter in Salem, you’ll know that this acquisition represents a significant contribution to my furniture holdings. After reading Daniel Miller’s The Comfort of Things, I began to think about how my possessions parallel my relationships, and more particularly what types of things and people I wanted to intentionally bring into my life.  A dining room table seemed to fit the bill, and I hope to now be able to invite diverse groups of folks to share a meal and make a memory in my home.

The other thing that I’ve long wanted to bring into my life is a blog.  I know it’s cliche, but with friends and family spread literally around the world it seems to be the best way to stay connected to a network that continually grows ever more complex and diverse.

I’m not sure exactly what form I want this to take, whether a daily diary  of a New England niche publisher’s life or a subject-driven clearing house for my ideas on various subjects of semi-relevance.  Surely, it will end up being something of a combination, but I’m always open to suggestions and not afraid of surprises. 

Here’s some of what I’m planning to discuss in the days ahead:

  • A review of the Grotowski inspired silent play Crying Deer (
  • An exploration of the tragic elements of the 2004 film Saved!
  • Doctrines of the Family
  • Ideas about how to renovate local history through online social networking and concepts of “home”
  • A review of the Museum of Art and Design
  • A recipe for cauliflower-potato-cheese pie 

 Needless to say, it shouldn’t be boring.

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