Week in Review

Sunday: Odds of dying in a Fung Wah accident increased as I returned safely one once more from a weekend on the Chinatown bus – this time in a blizzard.  I did end up missing Nook at the Lily Pad, unfortunately.

Monday: Recreated the Grotowski inspired Crying Deer on a River Street living room floor, ate cauliflower-potato-cheese-pie and discussed the tragedy of “Saved!” embodied in the dialogue:  

“What’s a good evangelical girl doing at Planned Parenthood?” 
“Planting a pipe bomb?”

Tuesday: Hired my first employee.  Look for The History Press to come to Midwest town near you soon.

Wednesday: Attended the Feast of Altagracia and celebrated the second anniversary of the Hispanic ministry at Grace Church in Salem.  

Thursday: Discussed Eurythmia and Anthroposophy over pints at The Old Spot.

Friday: Coordinated 200+ piece mailing to  sluggish Indiana Historical Societies who don’t seem to know how to act in their best interests.  Opted out of a trip to the Rhumb Line with a motley group of Waldorf educators.

Saturday: Caught up on backlogged New Yorker reading, attended reading at Athenaeum, made an appearance at Strega.

Look for more detailed analyses in the weeks to come.

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