A day of rest

When I signed up to Wwoof one of the many things I wasn’t completely clear about regarded my work schedule.  I ralize most of the civilized world works 40 hours a week Monday through Friday, the animal kingdom not so much.  Consequently, I wasn’t surprised when Satruday turned out to be a day like the past five but was delighted to hear breakfast would be at 10 instead of 7.30 on Sunday.  (I’m pretty sure Peter had already milked the cows and goats, made some cheese, and fed the horses by the time we made it to the table.)

After breakfast I went with Ewa to mass in the adjacecent village and and was surprised to see the church was standing room only, especially considering this was the third of four Sunay services and it’s harvest season. 

(Celebrating the harvest has, incidentally, taken on awhole new meaning for me.  It’s not just about abundance, but relief that the work is done and the harvest has been stored.)

The Catholic church plays a hugely significant role in Polish culture that I’m still trying to wrap my head around.  Clearly it”s a touchstone along side language that has allowed Poles to retain a national identity.  This was evident in the diversity of parishioner, from graying farmers, to young parents to youth.  I was intrigued to hear Ewa say she takes a group of youth to Taize each summer.

After mass, we met up with the rest of the crew and drove 35km to Chopin’s summer residence for a free afternoon concert.  Unfortunately, 2010 is 200th anniversary of his birth or death so most of the site was closed for construction/renovation.  Be on the look out next year, though, for lots of Chopin inspred events.

I’m still trying to figure out how got this far along into life never realizing Chopin was Polish.  Apparently, Copernicus and Marie Curie, too.

Just when I thought the day was coming to a close, the work assignments started rolling: let out the goats, mill the flour, move the hay, feed the calves, feed the wood oven.

Who needs a whole day to rest anyway?

Tomorrow Ewa has appointments in Warszawa and Peter is meeting his old girlfriend in Krakow so Cleona and I are left to our own devices. Should be interesting.

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