a day in the life.

All has not been dreary boredom here in Paradise.

Yesterday I went to the dentist.  Though I never go on my own initiative, I don’t dread these visits; I have perfect teeth. And, I kind of like mumbling to the hygienist  about Turkish coffee and the two friends of her children she discovered were not just eating dinner at her table every night but actually living with her.  After accepting my admonishment to floss more regularly, I headed off to the Naples Olive Oil Company.

An entire store front devoted to olive oil (and balsamic) is kind of amazing.  According to my oil guru Lee, what really matters with EVOO is the fruit more than the terroir.  The owner was very skeptical of the single origin stuff I’d been purchasing from Cambridge’s Central Bottle.  I left with some Sweet Barnea – rich, buttery, spicy – and the motivation to research polyphenal levels.  Apparently, the higher the polyphenal count the better for your heart.  Can anyone confirm?

Next up the Polish deli.  I can’t seem to escape them.  This one’s called the Polish Deli and is tucked in at the end of one of these omnipresent strip malls with vaguely italianate names.

It’s true there are some interesting enterprises tucked in between Publix, H&R Block and Starbucks, but how are you ever supposed to find them?  I’m proposing exploring one strip mall a week – stopping in every storefront – and insisting on finding something unique or inspiring.

I picked up some blueberry pierogi, chleb – which reminded me of all those hundreds of loaves we baked at Grzybow – and Zywiec . which, unfortunately, I only imagined bringing home with me.  A huge map of Poland allowed me to retrace steps – the errant bus to Gostynin, day trips to Plock, Taize in Slubice.

Will Naples offer similar adventures?

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