the end of a tv era

Day 3 in Paradise was nearly perfect: went to Rotary with my father and learned about the Seminole Nation’s purchase of Hard Rock Casinos, chatted with the Bulgarian family that just opened a new coffee shop on 5th Ave S (that’s really what it’s called), and met a staunchly monarchist Canadian couple at happy hour.

Then, I went home and indulged my guilty pleasure – Law & Order: SVU.

I don’t own a television and take great pride in having knowledge of only a few shows.  I love that no matter where in the world I am, I can find an episode of Law & Order in one of its incarnations.  Did you know there’s a Law & Order: UK?

Ethical ambiguity, social and sexual deviance, workaholism, and earnestness.  These are the things I love about SVU.

Unfortunately, after watching two episodes of the current season, I’m convinced some new writers have entered the fray and are messing with the formula.  I’m not interested in forensics – running a magic test on a bracelet that gives up the dna of the perp, does not make for good tv in my opinion.  It’s too easy.  There should be a struggle, a chase, a serendipitous find, an aha. Not a test.

Also, what’s with the ADA choosing not to prosecute the kid who killed his abusive stepfather.  That could be a whole episode.  Instead, it’s the final line: he’s a kid and the guy deserved it.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how our justice system works and Novack would have none of it.

I sort of lied when I said I don’t have a television.  There’s actually a 45in flatscreen that sits at the foot of my bed here in Naples.  Now that an SVU marathon isn’t going to compel me to turn it on, I think it safe to predict that it won’t power on as long as I am in residence.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Jonathan, these posts are wonderful. Keep at it. Naples survival mechanisms they seem. Jill B. led me on to these… peeps are reading despite lack of comments. Comments, people!

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