journey v destination

I believe the journey is more important than the destination.

We start at Point A with Point B in mind, but in the process of getting from here to there life happens – obstacles, details, epiphanies – that alter us and our trajectory, if we let them.

A pretentious statement that I’m afraid has absolutely no bearing on the logistics of my current lifestyle.

The aforementioned is true when we make ourselves vulnerable to serendipitous sidewalk conversations, new store window displays, and the machinations of our minds trying to put pieces together that haven’t quite lodged.

When you’re racing back and forth across town in search of a cheap wall mirror (we found one at Wal-Mart), Korean style frozen yogurt (not quite Pinkberry), and a lead on a job opening (I hope my personality falls into the green band section of the online test), though, there’s just not much opportunity to take in the surroundings.

I should say there was that time I was driving all over Vermont, itinerary in hand, and swerved across several lanes of traffic in the snow in order to pull over and gaze into the Queechie Gorge.  But that’s Vermont.

In the past week, I’ve traveled far greater distances to more destinations than my daily life usually takes me.  Nevertheless, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m not seeing much.  How many strip malls have I passed that house the very thing I’m driving for?

I’ve come to Naples with some destinations in mind, a vague trajectory in place.  I wonder how this place will change me and how that will affect the rest of the journey.

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