snow day

In 49 states there’s snow; I’m in the fiftieth and none too happy about it.  I suppose I could have gone to the beach to celebrate, but that’s not really my style (and it actually is a bit nippy).

Instead, I had a Florida snow day.  I made quiche and baked dog biscuits from the King Arthur mix I shipped from Vermont several months ago.  I ate lentils and tried to delve deeper into Peter Matthiessen’s National Book Award winning saga of a Collier County family Shadow Country (Seriously, how are normal people supposed to read this? I’m struggling; it’s hard with relatively few rewards).  Also, I watched a Gaither Homecoming on television, which I don’t think is even possible above the Mason Dixon.

These extravaganzas of Southern Gospel are spectacular.  Packed onto luminous stages dozens of movers and shakers from the Gospel world form a well coiffed and sequined backup choir to the ever crescendoing refrain of Gaither and friends.  There’s not a lot of skin here, but all the other trappings of showbiz are liberally indulged.

Then, I had to leave to go to the Jewish Film Fest, which I just returned from and will write about tomorrow.

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