in search of civilization

It used to be three copies of The New Yorker came to my house every week.  Recognizing the insanity of such a situation and the reality that I could walk a few blocks to the Red Lion Shop to pick up a copy, as well as the latest edition of Alimentum, and a flask if I absolutely must, I long ago gave up my subscription, never imagining the day would come when I’d have to go searching for a copy of The New Yorker.

The day was yesterday.

I’d heard there was a piece about Patch, AOL’s futile foray into hyper-local (ArtThrob is already pushing those boundaries), as well as one about OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network (a guilty pleasure?).

In pursuit, I walked to CVS, Walgreens, two Publix and a Sweetbay.  The closest I came was one copy of the Economist.  Too bad I wasn’t looking for a National Enquirer.

This is convenience?  This is civilization?

A trip across town to Books-A-Million was the only solution.  There it was, on the far left side of the store, tucked in to the Science section.

Where else?




One thought on “in search of civilization

  1. I think we can get The New Yorker down here (St. Vincent) occasionally…but it’s probably about $20US!
    Once in awhile I see a Vanity Fair, too! But my surprise last week was seeing our Rasta newstand guy (at the airport) with a Kindle! Said he’d read about 20 books since his son sent it to him from Brooklyn for Christmas!

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