the itinerary

There are two fixed points – the Camino across Spain and the kibbutz in Israel.  Then it’s just a matter of connecting the dots.

Initially, the thought was to trek across northern Africa.  I’d get to check another continent off the list and engage with some very remote cultures.  Yes, Algeria and Libya would be tricky, but those difficulties would be offset by the relative ease of Tunisia and Egypt.

My how things change.

Now that the Facebook Revolution is blazing my trail, I’m not so sure things are going to work themselves out in advance of my arrival.

So how else to connect the dots?

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue under the auspices of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.  Also in 1492, a quarter of a million Jews fled Spain by edict of F&I.  A good number followed my proposed route, heading South through Morocco.  More boarded ships in Barcelona or Valencia and went port hopping eventually landing in Turkey.  Others went north, settling in England, the Netherlands, Scandinavia.

So there are precedents to follow.

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