earlier than never

Though I promised updates, the reality has been that internet access is sparse on the Camino.  I´m averaging 28k a day and while I realized there would be no wifi in the midst of the Pyrenees, I thought there might be time in the evening. . .

In the evening, once locating an albergue I have just enough time to recover.  I had read that you should carry no more than 10kilos, but I figured that was for old people and woosies.  After limping into Pamplona yesterday, (if the first albergue had been two steps further I would have crawled), I decided to forward some things to Santiago.  Six Kilos.  I don´t even want to know how much I was carrying or am carrying now, but I arrived in Puenta la Reina this evening in much better spirits.

So many interesting people.  So few – nary an – American.  Beautiful scenery.  Sense of accomplishment.  I´m even fooling some into thinking I´m multilingual.

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