coming back

Easter is a season, not just a day, and when the first Sunday of this festive time rolled around I wasn’t sure how or whether I would observe it.

My Lenten discipline had been rather indulgent and while I very much enjoyed  my weekly experiences of “More,” I wasn’t sure it made sense to continue indulging (or, truth be told, what it was that I was indulging and whether indulgence was necessarily negative).

As the week progressed plans formed to rekindle the Easter fire in the backyard, gather the community from near and afar — inclusive of family from Arkansas — and cook paella.  Later, another segment of the community expressed interest in returning to a superlative Sunday morning worship service.

Though I was completely open to utterly re-thinking how to spend Sundays in this new season, it turned out that I spent this one, just like the last, and it was good.


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