Au revoir la belle France

Tomorrow is my last day in France.

I came nearly two months ago for no more practical reason than that I wanted to be here, and I’ll leave for England for no better reason than that the next thing has presented itself.

Have I learned to speak French?  No, but I have learned how important it is to try to communicate, and have been reminded of how many more we ways than language we do communicate.

Have I advanced my French cooking skills? No, I haven’t really cooked much at all actually, but I do now have a new appreciation for the order and leisure and correctness of a meal.  The apero, the cheese course, the fruit course.  These things make the difference.

Have I figured out the meaning of life?  No, but I do now know more than ever that this life that I choose daily is meaningful.  I am here now in this.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be confronted with levels of comprehension and communication I haven’t experienced in weeks.  Let’s hope I don’t lose sight of the important things when the little things get easier.

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  1. Hi,
    I really hope you enjoyed your journey in France. I’m sad to read you’re leaving so early, I was thinking about showing you Paris (and not in august, when everything is closed…) and maybe some other places more interesting than Paris (easy). Please let me know if you plan to come back… Your blog is a lot of fun to read (not that I make fun of you), and I learned a few interesting things following it.
    I hope we’ll meet again,


    ps: and again, congratulations for your perfect clafoutis.

    1. Salut Cyrille! So glad to know you’ve been reading and learning. I’m in Paris for a couple hours tomorrow, but am certain I will return soon. We’ll be in touch soon, I’m sure. A bientot, Jonathan

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