American Impressionist

Come summer, as temperatures rise and my patience for enduring them wears thin, the cool blues of an impressionist seascape can almost refresh as effectively as a cooling sea breeze itself, if I’m desperate and imaginative enough. This summer, if you haven’t escaped to some upper New England seaside locale, you too can can wallow […]

Asia in Amsterdam (Us in the World)

Culture : the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time For many years now, around kitchen tables and cocktail tables, I’ve been hearing about the Dutch in Asia and how and what to present to modern audiences of the far-reaching influence of that luxurious golden age. Luxury : something that […]

crossing the bridge

From a suburban cubicle in one of New England’s largest office parks, I spend my days making extraordinarily beautiful books.  To that end, as a requirement of my job, I must research San Francisco’s artisanal toast trend, develop projects with media savvy Dumpster divers, and find ways to endear myself to The 60 (Plus)  Coolest People […]

Salem Midsummer

According to Luke’s telling, John the Baptist was born six months before Jesus.  According to western tradition, Jesus was born on Dec. 24. Therefore, according to the universe, the summer solstice is the celebration of John the Baptist’s birth (which is not something I ever learned as a Baptist). Logically, therefore, in Salem we celebrated […]

Do you believe in magic?

I realize magic is supposed to be irrational and silly.  Maybe even a little sinister. Nevertheless, I’ve become obsessed with pursuing magical moments.  Those experiences that are just on the other side of convention, infused with wonder, joy and possibility. They can’t be bought: Indeed, returns diminish with greater financial investment.Nor are they, free: The […]

A milestone

This blog, “Goat Anyone?,” achieved a milestone last week.  It had nothing to do with number of posts or number of visitors.  Indeed, the milestone had nothing at all to do with anything WordPress stats might record about its virtual life. That’s because what “Goat Anyone?” achieved was real world recognition.  As representative of this […]