when a euphemism reveals itself

In these weeks between housesitting and subletting, the euphemisms are starting to compound. As would happen, the house-sit ended early and the sublet started late.  C’est la vie.  Carpe diem. I decided to seize the opportunity to have some free weeks to explore what-it-might-be-like-to-live-in-X. I started by inviting myself to stay in a friend’s spare […]

. . . and to all a new birth

It’s easy at this time of year to be lulled into the numbness of familiarity. Quirinius’s census and roundyoungvirgins start to merge into a nostalgic miasma of non-meaning.  In counterpoint, therefore, I offer this Christmas Day alternative imagery.    Jesus’s birth is also recorded in the Qur’an and has a completely different soundtrack. Maybe next […]