Faith in Food

The following was offered as a meditation at Grace Church, Salem’s Celtic Service on Sunday, June 26. Those of you who know me well, might find it surprising to hear that as a child I was an extremely picky eater. This is not to say I had allergies, or dietary restrictions or even that I […]

Food is analogue?

There’s a problem I’ve noticed when foodie folks start talking about the future of healthy sustainable eating. We’re not always using consistent language. The conversation usually starts with food in the context of a fundamental element as necessary for life as air, water or sex. But then the discussion quickly moves to policy or health […]

Small bites

When you work amongst food editors, the office potluck takes on new meaning. See those yellow and green pinwheels in the forefront?  They’re supposed to be rotolini ala crema de fave, stuffed mini pancakes with fava bean cream. my contribution to today’s cicchetti office potluck. A sister imprint has a book out on cicchetti — aka […]

the gleaner’s kitchen

One of the perks of being a food editor is that I get to invite myself to interesting dinners. Glamour is not always on the menu, but eccentricity most certainly is. Friday night was a prime example. A colleague heard an interview on NPR with a Tufts University student who has been getting a lot […]

tipple tuesday

Periodically, once a month, on a Tuesday, from 6.30-8.30, I host a little cocktail party I like to call Tipple Tuesday. The idea is for a casual midweek gathering that doesn’t commit anyone to more than a drink and three peanuts.  It’s not dinner, but an excuse to see and be seen, to gather, meet, […]

An empty plate

This piece is cross posted on North Shore ArtThrob. Food is a profoundly powerful vehicle: for vitamins and minerals, of course, but also for social conventions, cultural values, and personal proclivities. In Michael Hollinger’s An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf, playing at the Salem Theatre Company through December 17, the food as […]