Disrupting Christmas: Part III

Finally, reclining on my luxury Mexican coach en route direct to Ciudad de Mexico, I’m feeling much better about how this little pet project is playing out. After what I hope will be the saddest Christmas Eve of my life (completely self-inflicted I completely realize), everything’s been looking up, since those three Alabama state troopers […]

Disrupting Christmas: Part 1

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” – Georgia O’Keeffe   I wonder what Georgia O’Keeffe would have made of the New York Port Authority bus terminal this holiday weekend Saturday morning? In my ongoing project […]

Disrupting Thanksgiving

What is Thanksgiving? Nothing brings the question into focus quite as profoundly as being in Paris to celebrate. I’ve been quite intentional this year about wanting “to reset” my holidays: digging deep for fundamental principles in order to extract surprising truths. For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a family holiday. A time to gather with folks […]

American Impressionist

Come summer, as temperatures rise and my patience for enduring them wears thin, the cool blues of an impressionist seascape can almost refresh as effectively as a cooling sea breeze itself, if I’m desperate and imaginative enough. This summer, if you haven’t escaped to some upper New England seaside locale, you too can can wallow […]

Faith in Food

The following was offered as a meditation at Grace Church, Salem’s Celtic Service on Sunday, June 26. Those of you who know me well, might find it surprising to hear that as a child I was an extremely picky eater. This is not to say I had allergies, or dietary restrictions or even that I […]

Food is analogue?

There’s a problem I’ve noticed when foodie folks start talking about the future of healthy sustainable eating. We’re not always using consistent language. The conversation usually starts with food in the context of a fundamental element as necessary for life as air, water or sex. But then the discussion quickly moves to policy or health […]